Home Design Trends that Will Attract Buyers in 2021

Home Design Trends that Will Attract Buyers in 2021

Any capable and experienced real estate agent will know that it can often be difficult to find a home that has everything a client is looking for. Every year, a new series of design trends come up to replace the old ones and with these trends, the preferences of customers change as well. Right from the kind of cabinets to the kinds of floors and ceilings needed, there is always some kind of craze that takes hold.

On the other hand, when a real estate agent lists a home for sale, it is important to make it marketable. Whether it is buying one of the best flats in the Tricity or buying an under constructed home, there are some features that continue to attract buyers, many of which are considered as musts.

After all, design is an important part of how a home looks, specifically if it needs to be updated. In this blog, we will look at some of the most important home design trends that attract buyers in 2021

1) Eco-Friendly Capabilities: For some years, the buyers have started prioritizing a more sustainable home much more than all else. People want to see everything from energy-efficient bulbs to reclaimed hardwood floors. A home with eco-friendly capabilities is one that benefits the environment and at the same time, saves important resources for the owners.

The green features might seem a little costly on the face of it, but they eventually pay for themselves in the long haul. As problems such as climate change continue to gain attention and become more of serious concern, people all around the world want to live a planet-conscious life. To conclude, out of all the choices shown to a customer, the best flats in Zirakpur might emerge to the ones with eco-friendly capabilities.

2) Laundry Space: Almost no one is interested in lugging their clothes up and down on the steps of their homes. In the present time, it is not considered enough to have a washer and dryer hook up. Most homebuyers consider laundry spaces as one of the most important parts of a residence.

This is mostly because the rooms separate the clutter of clothes from the house. If there is a dedicated place to wash, dry, iron, and then fold your clothes, there is a massive reduction in an overall mess.

There are many people who like laundry spaces for storage purposes. Rather than keeping cleaning products in the kitchen, bathrooms, and other areas, you can move them all to one place.

3) Flooring: More often than not, the home buyers do not want carpets in rooms or old flooring as well. A great trend that is likely to attract home buyers is updating the flooring.

It doesn’t matter if you do not have the budget to update the flooring or if the flooring is in good shape or not because adding the right rugs can definitely help in making them look fantastic. Jute rugs are a great option to add a trendy design element to your home.

Another famous design trend in flooring is an open floor plan. This is a trend that has been there in the market for some time and from what it looks like, it is not going anywhere because many buyers will be seeking an open floor plan.

In case you have the right budget then you can consider adjusting your floor plan and making it considerably more open before listing your home for sale. This will make your home marketable to a wide range of homebuyers who are seeking a home with an open floor plan.

4) Neutral Shades: Although this is almost always recommended when it comes to attracting new home buyers, painting a new place with neutral colors is a great design trend. A good neutral color palette for a home can help significantly in making a new home look much more marketable.

Neutrals such as grays and whites are very important because they go with almost every piece of furniture and decor. Even the cabinets and counters in these shades are catching immense rage amongst people.

When someone gets tired of the space, a simple change of hardware or the addition of a new rug can lift things up considerably. As the seasons keep changing, neutral colors help homeowners adjust their style accordingly. Irrespective of whether the buyers have a minimalistic for an extravagant choice, it is recommended to build around neutrals.

5) Outdoor Spaces: It should not come off as a surprise that home buyers want much more room for hanging out in the outdoor spaces. The decks and patios have become important components in homes all around the world.

In many cases, a real estate agent can also present an indoor and outdoor option where it is easy to push back a glass door and move easily between two spaces. Many people also want to get out of the house but not actually wish to leave it.

This is all the more valid for families with busy individuals who want a moment of peace sitting in the background. The outdoor spaces allow the sellers to enjoy a big curb appeal boost.

6) Functional Design: Most buyers prefer houses that work for them. Common highlights such as walk-in closets and waterfall showerheads prove to be deluxe bonuses and not so many of the features that people need in their everyday lives.

The best flats in the Tricity are counted as places that make it easy for an owner to do laundry, feed guests, and complete work. These flats are more desirable and valuable in the long run. This is because the home design trends come and go in different seasons but these things are here to stay in the future as well.


The above-mentioned are some of the home design trends that will be preferred for attracting home buyers in 2021. If you are on the lookout for a new home, remember to give these trends importance while purchasing a place.